Aaron Rodgers is special, but maybe not as special as he's being made out to be.

That sounds a bit harsh considering what the Packers quarterback has done and what he's currently doing. He has now thrown over 350 passes without an interception, mind-boggling for sure. 

It's more of a testament to his decision making than his accuracy, as he leads the NFL in throwaways this season by an extremely large margin.

No one is even close to him in this category.

That shouldn't take away from how great his streak is as you'd rather him throw it away than toss it into coverage, but it's not like Rodgers has been threading the needle every single play. 

Still, living to fight another down does give him a chance to throw more touchdowns instead of giving the ball to the other team.

If 53 throwaways are the price you pay for 23 touchdowns and just one pick, then so be it. 

Not throwing interceptions is nice, but wins are better. Let's hope this streak turns into a winning streak for Green Bay now that  Mike McCarthy is out of town.