​Way to stay classy Chelsea. During the Manchester City and Chelsea game, one fan thought it was necessary to yell racial slurs at Raheem Stirling during play. While we can actually hear the slur, it's pretty easy to read his lips and see what he was yelling. 

That's absolutely unacceptable and a despicable ​​thing to say. 

Racist remarks are terrible in any place or time, but using it as a form of trash talk just makes it all that much worse. That fan is representing Chelsea and it's fans, but resorts to racism when in reality, it's just a game. If the Chelsea front office has any sort of way to find out who this man is, he should be banned from games for all of time. 

Sporting events should be a time for celebration with friends or family, yet this fan decided to be despicable and go way over the line. Trash talk is a part of sports, but racism has no place in society in any sort of way. This fan should never be allowed in a stadium ever again.