For most NFL teams, the most handsomely compensated player on the roster is the ​quarterback. Signing quarterbacks to massive contracts is common practice in the league, and even backup quarterbacks make a substantial amount of money, acting as somewhat of an insurance policy. 

Spotrac dropped a handy list of the best-paid backup quarterbacks in the league right now based on the average annual value of their deals, and some of these guys are really earning a ton of money to hold a clipboard.

Joe Flacco has been sidelined with a hip injury, so he hasn't been officially benched for rookie Lamar Jackson, so take from that what you will. Even so, he headlines the list with $22.1 million per season, while recently-demoted Jaguars quarterback ​Blake Bortles makes ​$18 million. Both Flacco and Bortles both inked contracts that had them pegged as true franchise quarterbacks, but the Ravens have played well with Jackson behind center, while Bortles now has to watch Cody Kessler from the sideline.

Even guys like Teddy Bridgewater, AJ McCarron and Matt Schaub are making above $4 million each year despite not having made an NFL start since 2015.

Many players on this list are scarcely utilized in game situations, but that hasn't stopped them from taking home some healthy game checks. In so many ways, being a second-string QB is nice work if you can get it.