The holiday season is a time for giving back, and that's exactly what Tennessee Volunteers offensive lineman Trey Smith is doing for the second straight year. He's organizing a dinner for the homeless that is sure to brighten the spirits of many people in need. 

Trey Smith, a sophomore at Tennessee, has been suffering from health problems but is still able to find it in his hear to help others around Knoxville.

Doctors found blood clots in Smith's lungs that have kept him off the field. It's sad that these types of health problems have held this NCAA student-athlete back from playing the game of football. Luckily, he is now doing well enough to be a hero in the local community.

Trey's gesture to the homeless is admirable and amazing. The world could definitely use more people like Trey. This kid is not letting anything hold him back from doing good in the world. Props to Trey and I hope that he can overcome his health issues so that he can stay on the field for the  Tennesee Vols