​In MMA action this weekend, a dominant performance by Austin Hubbard against Killys Mota at LFA 56 at Mystic Lake Hotel and Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota was overshadowed by some serious ineptitude on the part of the referee. He failed to stop the fight when it had gotten out of hand. Fans booed and the commentators yelled in disbelief as Hubbard continued to wail on a clearly defeated Mota:

This is a downright travesty. ​​We've seen some terrible things happen in the ring and the octagon, and as a ref, the safety of the fighters is your No. 1 priority. This guy should be seriously reprimanded for his negligence.


​​While all indications are that Mota wasn't egregiously hurt by Hubbard, that doesn't change the fact that what happened on that video was heinous, and can't slip under the radar. 

Next time, the the victim might not be so lucky. Be better than this, MMA refs!