​What was once an emergency surgery, Redskins quarterback Alex Smith has since dealt with a serious infection that has stemmed from the procedure. Reports have come out recently saying that not only is it severe, but Mike Garafolo, a reporter for the NFL Network, claimed Smith has had nearly half a dozen surgeries on the infected leg in order to prevent it from getting worse. He also gave gruesome details on what exactly Smith has had to go through recently.

​​"They are removing some infected tissue. That's what they had to do when they go in there for the leg," Garafolo said. "That's why he's had multiple surgeries, I'm told close to half a dozen surgeries. Also, they inserted the plate in his leg to bind the bone, it got infected and they had to take it out."

While the initial injury was bad enough, things have continued to get worse every day for ​Smith. It was speculated that he may never play in the NFL again, and with the infection, it just becomes more and more likely. 

You have to feel horrible for ​Smith, who was leading the Redskins to the playoffs and an NFC East title before he went down.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all hope that Smith beats the odds and is back on the field next season.