​Ah, what can Donald Trump do right? No, seriously, all politics aside. Sometimes the president seems like he has no idea how to act like a normal human being, and his coin flip at the Army-Navy game was perfect proof of this. 

The best part is that as everyone stands around wondering whether or not ​Trump will rectify his mistake, or even make notice of it, he points at it as to say 'there it is, idiots'. 

It's a coin 'flip', sir. A flip.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that a celebrity coin flipper totally botched the verb. The exact thing happened at the ​Cotton Bowl last year.

And then there was Joe Namath's ridiculous Super Bowl debacle.

Not only did Broadway Joe botch the toss, he went super early, too. 

We love you Mr. Namath. Crazy coat and all. That's style.

Why does Trump seem to be so out of touch with the way things work? Has he never flipped a coin before? No? You're telling me he doesn't flip a coin to make decisions in office?

Yeah, right.