The line between elation and heartbreak is always so razor thin, as former UCLA ​women's basketball player Nicole Kornet just found out. Kornet, a sharpshooter who transferred to UCLA from Oklahoma, was offered a chance to win a car provided she can hit a layup, free throw, three pointer, and half court shot in order. All she ended up doing was going a perfect four for four. 

​​While Kornet's clutch shooting should have been cause for celebration, she was ruled ineligible and was therefore unable to receive the car. The contract for the contest stipulates that the participant had to be four years removed from their last season of college basketball. Kornet's last season at UCLA ended in 2017. 

Kornet responded with a brief tweet absolving UCLA of any blame and claiming she knew beforehand. 

​​While it sucks that this contest has such arbitrary rules, it's still pretty awesome that Kornet was able to go four for four. 

I bet she would have liked the car, though.