​We've saved the best for last. ​The Army-Navy game is a college football staple, and this season is no different.

With Navy looking to send a message to their counterparts, ​College Gameday heads to Philadelphia for one of the best rivalries in college football. Unlike the SEC, this one actually does mean more, and the Gameday signs reflected just that.

How dare they! Simba wasn't ready!

The wordplay is great. We know what you're really trying to say.

They would never! Who in their right mind can tolerate Waffle House sober?

#Facts, but we're still greatly for all they do for this country.

Yelp reviews can ruin a business, people. Never forget that.

But how about some game-day advice? We're sorry, Georgia fans.

How long until Urban Meyer forgets he's retired?

Okay but how long ago was that, really?

Bubba didn't die in vain!

You're all terrible people.

At least they're realistic, right? Nobody wants actual Bama.

We can't stress this enough--wordplay alone gets you on this list.

Vaping is lame as hell, to be honest.

Thank you for your input, UCF. Why are you here again?