​All offseason long we've been waiting to hear where Bryce Harper will end up as a result of his free agency, and it looks like the list of teams is beginning to grow smaller. 

According Tim Kurkjian of ESPN, Harper is most likely to sign with the Phillies, Dodgers, or White Sox. 

This list of teams isn't all too surprising, as they all offer solid cities to live in, rosters that can contend, and they can all pay ​Harper what he deserves. 

Some may be surprised that it's the White Sox representing Chicago on the list, not the Cubs. Cubs star Kris Bryant is close friends with Harper, and many assumed they'd love to team up in Chicago together. 

It is also interesting to note that the Yankees were left off of the list, as they have been heavily rumored to be in contention to sign Harper this ​offseason

After ​recent comments made by Washington Nationals owner Mark Lerner that Harper has "decided to move on," it's clear that he will soon be finding himself a new team. Of course, the Nationals won't be happy if Harper signs with their NL East rival Philadelphia Phillies. 

The list may have grown smaller, but we still don't have our answer quite yet. So, we'll just have to keep asking ourselves the question we've been asking all offseason long: which team will it be?