​The Dodgers have once again fallen short of winning the World Series, although year after year they've been in close contention to win it all. 

At the beginning of the offseason, general manager ​Farhan Zaidi left L.A. in favor of the San Francisco Giants, leaving the Dodgers without a GM of their own.  Now, the Dodgers have said they won't even be looking to hire one during the MLB offseason. 

​​It's rough to lose your general manager to a rival, but the Dodgers seem to be using this opportunity to their advantage. 

It's possible that the ​Dodgers have had too many higher-ups calling the shots or making changes. It might be good for them to thin their numbers out in the management aspect of the game. 

We'll have to see how this decision works out for Dodgers, as it is certainly a risky one. Zaidi brought much success to the organization in his time there.

The Dodgers have been so close to winning it all these last two ​seasons, maybe a bit of change is all that's needed to finally get them there.