​Just imagine thinking like this. We cannot. 

While the rest of us watched ​Derrick Henry's 99-yard touchdown run against the Jaguars in awe, Darren Rovell felt the need to point out the obvious--​that was some shoddy tackling.

Thank you, Darren!

Wow Darren, quite the observation. 

Rovell does make a good point. The Jags tackling lacked effort and is definitely a bad look for what had been one of the best defenses in the league. But to ignore the efforts by Henry is preposterous. The Titans agree, and put Rovell in his place.

Rovell most definitely cannot sit with us. But let's not be too mean.

Rovell's built up quite a following on twitter as resident sports business reporter and overall buzzkill expert. The former ESPN reporter regained that title on Thursday night.

Nothing but love for the Titans social media account for putting Rovell in his place, and reminding us why we watch football in the first place. The other factors don't matter. Henry could be playing against a Pop-Warner team, we'd still be entertained.

Game, blouses.