You may have thought Derrick Henry's jaw-dropping 99-yard touchdown was a work of art, but you haven't seen anything yet. The run was just too amazing for Joe Buck to announce it, so a wonderfully thoughtful Twitter user took the liberty of adding WWE's Jim Ross as the voiceover in a fantastic combination.

"As God is my witness, he's broken him in half!" is just too perfect for this clip. 

Jim Ross' call is legendary, as is Henry's performance. The 99-yard scamper wasn't his only work of art as the Titans running back punched in ​four touchdowns in just three quarters. As you could've guessed, that's a record.

​And then some. 

​​The Titans should've benched him before this game ended. Otherwise, there was an extremely good chance he would make good on Ross' words and broken a Jags' defender clean in half.