Giants fans may be trying everything in their power to forget about Erek Flowers but had to be reminded of just how bad he is on Thursday Night Football. It's all okay though, New York Fans, Flowers is gone now. That doesn't mean the feelings of hatred from the fans, or former players in this case, have washed away as David Diehl teed off on Flowers for his terrible play. 

No wonder the Giants cut him. 

Flowers getting a job with the Jaguars is a joke that has come to life thanks to the attention brought to it by Diehl. Even if the former Giants' great didn't bring attention to it, you couldn't have missed the incredibly terrible blocking attempt if you were watching the game. You might've even smelled his stench through your television. 

The terrible season in Jacksonville may not totally be Flowers' fault but Diehl was right to call him out. Flowers is just sitting there cashing checks without even trying to show effort or get better in any way at all.

It'll be a lovely day when Flowers is released, pushing Giants and Jaguars fans together in harmony.