Zach Miller's incredible gruesome leg injury occurred over a year ago and it's still hard to get over.

That's what happens when a player has to get nine surgeries just to fix his leg for an injury he suffered simply doing his job. It's no surprise that Miller will miss this entire season after you take a look at the photos following one of his many surgeries. 

Brace yourself, they are not pleasant to look at. 


With an injury like the one he suffered, you couldn't have expected this to look pleasant by any means at all. 

It took a lot for Miller to overcome this as he's still working his way back to the playing field. This injury occurred near the end of October and he still isn't able to compete, showing just how terrible this really has been for the veteran tight end. 


It may not be a speedy recovery, but any sort of recovery from something as catastrophic as this is a blessing.