​The Titans signed star offensive lineman ​Taylor Lewan to a mega-deal this offseason, but that's been put on the back-burner right now. Lewan went down with an apparent injury during Tennessee's ​Thursday Night matchup against the Jaguars. As FOX tried to secure the best angle of Lewan (in pain, we might add), the 27-year-old out of Michigan didn't take kindly to the cameras catching him at a vulnerable moment.

And herein lies the issue with skycam. Athletes often forfeit their privacy as they play in front of tens of thousands of fans on a weekly basis with many more watching from home. Nonetheless, when surrounded by trainers in serious pain, the last thing Lewan wants to see is a floating camera catching his every wince. Please, be better Fox. Fans don't need to see this.

​​Let's hope Roger Goodell wasn't watching.