​​Troy Aikman trying to motivate the Jacksonville Jaguars is something we didn't expect on this Thursday night. The ​Jags-Titans game is living up to expectations and then some, with both teams providing us with some obvious highlights and lowlights. On the broadcasting end, Joe Buck and Aikman are doing their best not to fall asleep, spitting some strange slogans in the process. What's that, Troy?

Is Aikman all about the culture?

We expect this kind of caption on twitter, but not from the Hall of Fame quarterback and recognizable commentator. Is Aikman really Jay Z? Do we have any proof otherwise?

It's a perfect match.

Aikman, for his part, is a far superior commentator than fellow Cowboy Jason Witten. While Aikman makes us laugh with goofy references, Witten somehow finds a way to offend everyone.

Keep up the good work, Troy. Let's get this bread.