Seems like a plug has been put in the sinking ship to possibly save Team Banana Boat.

LeBron James has always wanted to team up with some of his friends but did not have success the last time he tried with Dwyane Wade leaving the Cavaliers last year by the trade deadline. James hasn't given up hope as he believes his friend who is currently without a team can still play.

LeBron reportedly wants Carmelo Anthony to join the Lakers. 

Can GM LeBron pull off another move?

This is harder than most requests as Melo isn't a free agent. He is still on the Rockets even though  the two sides have parted ways and can not be traded until December 15th. LeBron has not made a formal request to Magic Johnson to acquire Melo although he believes he can still play.

The biggest issue for Anthony isn't his ability to play. It's his ability to accept the fact that he isn't a starter who deserves to touch the ball every single possession. 

James stood up for his friend when he was ditched by Houston after just ten games. It's not a surprise that he's flexing his superstar muscles to prove that his dear friend can still hang in the NBA.

It's just a process of waiting to see if the Lakers will listen to their superstar.