Ohio State may be welcoming in the next era but it was one that was up in the air at one point.

This has nothing to do with former head coach Urban Meyer who is stepping down due to health reasons. There was no question about the incumbent coach's role moving forward, but there was a question about the next man for the job, Ryan Day. 

Athletic Director Gene Smith didn't necessarily have just Day in his sights as four other candidates were compared to the team's offensive coordinator.

This isn't about Day not being good enough for the job. It's about checking all the boxes.

Smith didn't say who the other candidates were although he admitted two were college coaches, one was in the NFL, and one was jobless at this current juncture. It never came down to interviews as Smith simply said: "the guy's a stud" referring to Day. 

It was enough to give him a new contract and the keys to the kingdom despite the other potential options.

It doesn't matter who was up for the job. It just matters that Day can keep this team at the high level they were playing under Meyer.