​The latest installment in the storied Philadelphia Eagles-Dallas Cowboys rivalry is upon us this weekend, and with it, the latest incident in the ​Howard Eskin-Cole Beasley Twitter feud.

The Eagles beat writer and the Cowboys receiver have beef that ​goes back to last season, and with Beasley set to play this weekend despite having sprained his foot against the Saints, Eskin was not going to let this opportunity pass him by.

The feud originated last season when Eskin criticized Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, which Beasley did not take kindly to, calling it the "dumbest shit I've ever heard."​​

Being a Philadelphia beat writer, Eskin was not going to take that sitting down, and savaged Beasley consistently and on multiple occasions over the next few weeks:​​

​​Not to be outdone, Beasley responded by letting Eskin know that his paycheck is...more sizable than Eskin's.

​​How will Beasley react to the crude "daddy" photoshop? Well, this time it was fairly brief and straight forward.

​​Perhaps Beasley has learned to take these hits in stride, rather than lash out at those who don't deserve his time or attention.