​We have ourselves a serious breaking story here courtesy of the New York Times. 

The NYT dropped a new report about some previously-tainted figures on Thursday, dropping new information about two high-profile sports agents, Sam and Seth Levinson, who have actively been engaging in a cover-up scheme to hide the PED use of star players, per claims made by a former employee of the Levinsons.

​​The league is prohibited from investigating agents themselves, as any investigation of the union of player agents has to be done by the MLBPA. However, the union has been dragging their feet and refusing to interview the whistleblower, one Juan Carlos Nunez.

Notably, Nunez swore in an affidavit that the Levinsons are complicit in concealing the truth about PED use among players.

​​Tony Clark, the chief of the MLBPA, has declined any and all requests for comment on the issue.

This is a bad, bad look for baseball, and especially for the players union. I understand protecting your own, but all credibility goes out the window when you're protecting those who cover up your dishonesty. If the game has no baseline of integrity to lean on, it will prove that it really has learned nothing from the Steroid Era.

The Levinsons and all those who enabled them should be ashamed of themselves, and I hope we see some real suspensions in the wake of these doping allegations. Anything less is a nakedly pathetic capitulation.