​Michael Brantley is just one of the many names in this year's crowded MLB free agent class, and given his quiet dominance in Cleveland, his name is one that is likely to fly under the radar, ​like Lorenzo Cain's did last year.

Brantley knows this, and given that knowledge, Brantley is doing something to separate himself from the herd. Brantley's agents are telling teams that the outfielder is willing to play first base for his new team, despite the fact that he hasn't done so since his time in the minors back in 2008.

While it's uncertain whether any team will actually take Brantley up on his offer, this has got to help his chances of landing a bigger contract if he has that versatility. 

It's also not out of the question that Brantley returns to Cleveland and plays first base, which would open a hole​​ in the outfield for some...improvements.

​​Well, Indians fans can dream.