​​Chicago White Sox general manager Rick Hahn had a conference call with the media this afternoon, and with the Winter Meetings approaching, you can expect he was asked about potential trades.

The big name on the White Sox roster whose name has been kicked around is first baseman ​Jose Abreu. It's not the first time he's been asked about Abreu, so Hahn decided to have a little fun.

*everyone begins to slow clap*

Well done, Rick. 

You can understand that reporters have to ask the question, as Abreu is truly the one trade chip Chicago has that is worth much, but I'm sure it gets old and sometimes you need to stick it to the media.

Now, that doesn't mean Abreu won't be moved and can't be had. 

Every player has a price. But ever since Hahn and the White Sox organization decided to tear it down, it's been made abundantly clear that they want Abreu around to lead this team when they get good.