The Cleveland Indians are in the midst of a retooling process this offseason and are looking for value in both trades and signings.

They got just the bargain that they were looking for, by inking an extension with long-time starter Carlos Carrasco on Thursday and making arguably one of the savviest moves of the winter. 

Carrasco has been one of the best starters in baseball since 2015, averaging 15 wins, 206 strikeouts and a 3.40 ERA over the past four seasons. 

At 31-years-old, Carrasco still has plenty of solid years left in him and Cleveland locked him down for way below market price, as he's essentially signed to a four-year $44 million contract, far less than Patrick Corbin's six-year $140 million deal

The difference between the commitments is staggering as Carrasco is by far the more proven starter and yet will make $96 million less than Corbin who has had just one, maybe two good seasons since missing all of 2014 with an injury.

If Carrasco was a free agent in today's market he would likely command a deal that exceeds Corbin's.

I give major props to Cleveland for making this deal, as they essentially are saving a ton of money while stabilizing their pitching staff for the next four years and keeping one of their best players happy.