As the offseason has progressed, the NL Central is looking more and more like the toughest group in baseball. 

We already know that the Cardinals, Cubs and Brewers are all expected to contend for the divisional crown in 2019, but a fourth team is looking to join the scrum by having a particularly active offseason.

The Cincinnati Reds, who have not had a winning record since 2013, are looking to challenge their NL Central rivals by going after two of the top free agents on the market in AJ Pollock and Dallas Keuchel

The Reds have quietly been developing some great young players in the past few years, and with Joey Votto on the back nine of his career, Cincinnati is looking to take advantage of whatever he has left by filling some holes and going for it in 2019.

One spot that has recently opened up is center field, after the Reds cut ties with long-time outfielder Billy Hamilton. 

Pollock would certainly be an upgrade in that position, and Keuchel would immediately become the ace of a pitching staff highlighted by Luis Castillo and Matt Harvey, among the worst in baseball last season. 

The Reds are certainly not guaranteed to land either of these stars, as they have drawn interest from other teams that are closer to contention like the Braves and Mets. However, if Cincinnati does manage to lure them and add a few more arms, they could catapult themselves into the running for a playoff spot in 2019.