Could America handle more football? We don't see why not. It's one of the few things the country, as a whole. We simply adore the sport. 

Well, it just so happens that another professional football league -- the Freedom Football League -- has been created by former former ​NFL running back Ricky Williams.  

The former Texas Longhorn took to ESPN's Outside the Lines to announce its creation and noted ​Terrell Owens, Mike Alstott, Simeon Rice, and several other former players as additional founding owners. 

​​According to Williams, this league was made with the intention of "reimagining, rethinking, reinventing and reforming" the game of football. 

ESPN states that the league will initially have 10 teams -- with plans to expand into additional locations -- and games will take place during the spring and summer.

The league's mission is to attract athletes that defected or have been rejected by the NFL that are playing in alternative professional leagues. 

The FFL also importantly claims that it will ensure that its players receive "permanent and reliable holistic health and wellness support on and off the field." That's Williams' most important and innovative guarantee.

It seems like Ricky Williams knows what exactly he's doing here. We presume more details will be announced in coming weeks and we will be waiting keenly in anticipation.