As the top two quarterbacks on Washington's roster, Alex Smith and Colt McCoy spent a lot of time together this season. But I'm sure neither of them expected to run into each other at this place.

While Smith is still in the hospital to fight an infection he sustained following his gruesome leg injury, he got some company from his backup as McCoy coincidentally ended up in the room next to his for his overnight stay. 

That happy accident has brought some light to a sad situation that has already resulted in both quarterbacks being out for the season and has likely ended any chances the Redskins had of making the playoffs. 

Of course, there's more detail in that tweet than we knew initially. Rapoport confirms that Smith has undergone several procedures, not just the one intended to prevent surgery in the wake of the first complication. Mike Garafolo chimes in as well to mention that surgical teams are still clearing tissue; this is far from over.

Prior to Smith's injury, Washington found themselves in first place in the NFC East with a 6-3 record, but they've almost completely fallen out of the race after dropping three straight in the aftermath. 

Even if you hate the Redskins for their several highly-questionable actions, you have to feel for these two guys whose livelihoods and health have both taken huge blows. 

It's good to see that they at least got to spend one night in adjacent rooms, and hopefully we'll see Smith and McCoy on the field sometime in the not-so-distant future.