While it was said that Patrick Corbin was the Yankees' No. 1 target this offseason in free agency, it seems that the Bombers didn't truly want to break the bank with him after all. 

It was reported that they had offered a five-year, $100 million deal to the 29-year-old lefty, but new rumblings say that offer was merely floated unofficially, and it was the max that they were willing to give.

Corbin ended up getting a six-year, $140 million deal, which comes out to around $23 million per year. The Yankees weren't willing to go six seasons with the lefty, but many people initially thought that one less year and three million per year less wouldn't be enough to stop the longtime Yankees fan from returning home. Darvish got six years for $126 million last year, so Corbin did better than his initial ask of the Yankees, although he was probably looking for more outside of New York.

While fans in New York were certainly mad after Corbin defected to Washington, the Yankees were never really in the race if they never even made a formal offer. 

The money and years may have just been a bit much for the Yanks, who have only given six-year contracts to three different pitchers in their history (CC Sabathia, Mike Mussina, Masahiro Tanaka). However, don't start thinking that they're done making moves this offseason. The winter is just getting started.