Last week, the United States lost of one its most beloved leaders in 41st President George Herbert Walker Bush and has been in mourning ever since. Those who knew and loved the man, and those who maybe had just one encounter with him, have come forward this week to share their memories of Bush, who was well respected around the globe. Now, count North Carolina coach Roy Williams as one of those reminiscing. Check out his story of 41 below:

I don't know the better story here: the fact that  Williams told the President of the United States that he'd call him back, or the fact that ​Bush actually laughed it off a few minutes later. Either way, the idea of the President calling you for a pair of tickets is both surreal and quite hilarious.

But, such was the persona of George H.W. Bush; a gracious and down-to-earth man esteemed for his integrity. Several stories this week have reinforced that image, and Williams' just pushes it even further.

Bush may be gone but his legacy will stay with the American people. This week, his wake and funeral have taken place in both Washington D.C. and Houston as his family and friends mourn his death and celebrate the life he lived.

Rest in peace, 41.