A few weeks ago, Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith suffered one of the most gruesome leg injuries we've seen in the NFL, snapping both his tibia and fibula after being sacked by ​JJ Watt of the Houston Texans.

We saw his ​season end in a flash, and now, it appears his career is in jeopardy as well. 

Smith has apparently been battling infection after surgery to fix his broken leg, an infection that's required several surgeries, leading to complications that have been described as "devastating."

​​This is absolutely heartbreaking, not just for fans of Washington or of Smith, but of anyone who watches the NFL. 

You never, ever want to see someone hurt badly--that's obvious. 

For it to happen to someone as likable and resilient as Smith, who has consistently beaten the odds to make something out of his slow-starting NFL career, makes it even more tough to swallow. 

As you can see from Washington's statement, they're asking fans to respect the family's request at privacy during this time. That alone tells you how serious the injury is. 

If we've seen Smith take his last NFL snap, it would be sad, but a real tragedy would be this injury having serious life-long affects on his post-playing career. We just hope that won't be the case, though it's not looking good.​​