You might've heard a stat here or there claiming that Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George isn't the best player in the clutch, but Wednesday night's matchup against the Brooklyn Nets proved otherwise. 

The Thunder and Nets took it down to the wire in the 114-112 victory for the former and it would never have been possible had George not put on one of the most clutch performances of the year. Topped off by a game-winning shot, the star put on an absolute show late in the game on Wednesday.

With that performance, George reinforced the unpopular but valid point that he's actually one of the best closers in the NBA.

George was a monster in the fourth quarter last night, shooting 9-of-12, for 25 points plus hitting the game-winning shot with three seconds remaining. The man was in a zone, but this wasn't the first time we've seen him like this.

George is a career 19-point and 6-rebound per game player along with a .432 field goal percentage. His last four seasons have seen him average 22 points or more per game. The notion that he goes silent when the fourth quarter rolls around? False. In fact, George's play continues to be spectacular, if not better.

​​Last season, the star forward ranked 11th in field goal percentage (49.4) when the game was in its final five minutes or overtime and the score within three points. So take that, haters!

Paul George may not hit many game-winning shots, but he certainly proved that he can do it on Wednesday night. And, of course, the numbers prove that George doesn't slow down one bit when the fourth quarter rolls around. So quit calling this guy unclutch.

He's anything but.