Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has nearly everything a guy or gal would ever need. He's got the championship, the records, the star girlfriend...the commercial spots! But, Rodgers has notably been lacking in one area off the field (not that it's anyone's business) in that he's had problems with his family. Well, it appears that the relationship between them is back on good terms. Take a look for yourself:

When Rodgers was asked where he was when he found out that his former head coach Mike McCarthy was fired, the legend responded that he was spending time with his parents for his birthday, as they were in town. 

This is notable because ​Rodgers has famously been on the outs with his family in recent years, especially with his brother Jordan, who recently called him out on social media for neglecting to get in contact with his mother as she was evacuating during the California wildfires.

Still, it's great to see that one of the NFL's greats is repairing his relationship with his loved ones in time for the holidays.