​Just when you thought the ​drama surrounding Reuben Foster couldn't get any worse, his ex-girlfriend has come forward and dropped shocking news on the world. Foster, recently released by the 49ers only to be claimed by the Redskins, has had a ​fury of off-field issues, none more than the accused domestic violence with his ex, Elissa Ennis. Now, though, in a new interview with Good Morning America, Ms. Ennis has come out and said when she admitted to lying to police in February about Foster beating her, that itself was a lie and he actually did hit her. 

​​“I was not telling the truth. I was not telling the truth,” Ennis told ABC in an exclusive interview. 

“I did what I had to do for the person I loved. I thought he would change. Anybody in my position would do the same."

As it turns out, Ennis claims she backtracked on her original statements because she didn't want to ruin Foster's NFL career. However, she has decided to come forward following the latest incident surrounding Foster at a hotel in Tampa Bay, this time hoping he's held responsible for his actions. 

Just another twist in what has been an embarrassing start to the career for the former first-round pick out of Alabama.