​After free agent starting pitcher Patrick Corbin agreed to a deal with the Washington Nationals on Tuesday, teams have begun to turn their attention towards other starters on the open market. This includes current free agent Nathan Eovaldi.

Well, technically he's still available.

Reports have come out that the Boston Red Sox are ​close to re-signing Eovaldi to a four-year deal that would be worth about $17 million per year. While some may look at this as an overpay, it will be completely worth it for Boston to bring him back.

Ever since being acquired by Boston at the trade deadline, Eovaldi has been very good for the team, as he pitched to a solid 3.33 ERA during the regular season, completely revitalizing himself in the postseason.

Eovaldi, of course, shined the most on the biggest stage in the month of October. He contributed greatly to the Red Sox World Series championship, as he pitched to just a 1.61 ERA during the postseason.

Another plus for the Red Sox bringing back Eovaldi is that it keeps him away from the New York Yankees, who ​expressed interest in a reunion with the right-hander after they missed out on Corbin (albeit with much trepidation).

Bringing back a pitcher who showed that he is more than capable of pitching in high-pressure situations while keeping him away from your arch-rival makes the pricey re-signing of Eovaldi worth it for the Red Sox.

He'll dominate. It's not your money, after all.