​NBA Twitter is getting ​spicy again

After ​notorious trash talker Joel Embiid quickly fled the lane when he saw Kawhi Leonard coming in hot, the Raptors' Twitter account couldn't resist the opportunity to throw the big man's ​signature catchphrase right back in his face.

​​Clearly, the All-Star center was not trying to get put on a poster by one of the league's biggest stars. Instead, he was happy to just clear the way and let the ​New Balance man slam one in. It may not look pretty on camera for Embiid, but it clearly looks much better than getting dunked on.

Clearly, he's learned his lesson from a ​similar incident in November. When you talk as much trash as Embiid does, it doesn't help your reputation if you're getting dunked on by a guy who ​laughs like a robot.

Despite another stellar season, Embiid has also already had his fair share of embarrassing ​blunders this season. Letting Leonard dunk freely is just a way to ensure that he doesn't end up on the wrong side of Sportscenter's Top 10 Plays on Thursday morning.