​There are a few things in life that no parent wants their kid to ever become: an evil person, a carefree fan, and/or a passionless troll. A parent's absolute worst fear is for their child to become all three of those things and thus turn into the worst thing a kid could ever become: a bandwagon fan.

​​Unfortunately, that's precisely what happened to this poor father. It's unknown where he went wrong during parenthood for his son to become a Warriors fanboy, but he's getting back at his child in the best way possible on Wednesday night.

Things become even worse for this man when you realize that he's a Cavs fan. That means his son's team has ​deprived him of a title three of the past four years. If not for Steph Curry and the dream team out west, it's possible that this Cleveland fan would have enjoyed four consecutive NBA titles.

Instead, the ​Cavs are now without LeBron and are one of the worst teams in the NBA.

​​But hey, at least this guy will always have 2016 to remember as he waits for the day his team is good again. In the meantime, he may want to consider having another child to supplement the evil spawn he is currently raising.

At least Wednesday night's game is tight!