The Washington Wizards are not having a good time right now. 

Despite being led by a dynamic backcourt in John Wall and Bradley Beal, the Wizards have been putrid this season, going 10-14 in an iffy Eastern Conference. Naturally, trade rumors have heated up lately, as is usual with any talented team that's underperforming. 

However, amid all that, Wall is missing Wednesday's game against the Atlanta Hawks, and the reasoning is fishy.

So ​Wall is out for personal reasons, which could mean anything under the sun, but is it that hard to connect this odd absence to the trade rumors surrounding him? The guard is a superstar in this league, but with the Wizards failing miserably? know that saying. Money talks and...good players walk (and subsequently get traded). 

Better players have been moved by better teams, so ruling a trade out involving Wall wouldn't be such a bright idea. Wall has continued his great play this season, too, posting 21 points, 8.4 assists, and nearly two steals per game. A ton of teams out there would want that kind of production on their squad (even with the poison pill contract around the corner).

Who really knows, though? Maybe Wall will stay and Beal will go. Perhaps they'll both be moved. It all depends on the intestinal fortitude of the Wizards. Do they truly have the guts to scrap the whole project and start over?

Hopefully, they do. The ensuing fire sale would be absolute chaos. And what's the NBA without a little chaos?