Christmas is coming and Rangers slugger Joey Gallo already knows what he wants.

It isn't a competitive roster, although the Rangers certainly need one. It isn't a guaranteed future in Texas, even though this team has recently shopped him.

No, Gallo took to Twitter to make it very clear what he wants: an end to the shift! 

We've seen some drastic rule changes already by the MLB and some even larger ones looming in the horizon. 


As a lefty, it's the furthest thing from a surprise that Gallo would like the shift idea to be put into a box, tied up with massive chains, and tossed to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean so that the human world doesn't ever hear from it again. Gallo has hit over 40 homers the past two years, but hasn't eclipsed a .210 batting average. Imagine the contract this man could receive if he boosted that up a substantial margin?

Allowing hitters the chance to actually get on base would be a pretty huge move for getting people interested in the sport. 

Not a ton of people would be clamoring for more 1-0 games that featured a lot of groundouts to a well-positioned infield. 

Gallo might not get his chance, but never rule things out, as Christmas is the season of believing.