Ah, the NBA. A never-ending highlight reel of some of the most athletic people on the planet putting on an absolute show for us mortals. Well, it's struck again. The Orlando Magic and Denver Nuggets are going at it on Wednesday night and star Aaron Gordon just completed one of the prettiest plays you'll see all year. Check it out below:

Holy cow! The drive, mid-air hand switch, and smooth touch off the glass? Too bad this is just another reminder of how this kid is rotting away on the Magic. It's just too depressing.

Gordon has continued building on his success from the 2017 season, posting 16.3 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 2.7 assists on the year. Unfortunately, the Magic sit at 12-12 (which is actually pretty decent for them) and have failed to capitalize on their 23-year-old's talent.

The Magic are dueling the surprise ​Nuggets Wednesday night, a team that sits in first place in the West at 16-7. 

Hopefully, Gordon can one day have a supporting cast worth his time, but for now, he'll have to settle with providing us some more jaw-dropping plays night after night. Fine with me!