​It's already been a ​rough offseason for the Cubs. Wednesday's latest blockbuster hasn't made things much better.

In fact, these stats may prove that the ​Cardinals' trade for Paul Goldschmidt might be even worse for the Cubs than they originally thought. Much, much worse.

And don't forget the Brew Crew, a group that's likely crying into their beers and brats right about now.

​​Yikes. That sound you hear is fans all over Milwaukee and Chicago collectively gulping. Move over, ​Christian Yelich. It looks like there might be a new sheriff in the NL Central.

Those numbers should be very frightening for the Cubs and Brewers. It's not like they are taken from a small sample size. Goldschmidt has been ravaging the division for years. Now he's a part of it.

As if things weren't bad enough, it could still get worse. The Cardinals ​might not be done accruing superstars.

St. Louis was completive in the NL Central for a large chunk of 2018. They collapsed down the stretch, but are still a formidable squad. Add Goldschmidt to that mix and things become a whole lot more interesting in the NL Central.

Pitchers on the Brewers and Cubs may want to form their own club to start figuring out how to approach to this guy. If these stats are any indication, they could use all the help they can get.