Since controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick began protesting during the National Anthem as a member of the San Francisco 49ers, hysteria has ensued. Team after team has passed on Kaepernick when they needed either a starting or backup quarterback, and everyone knows it's because of the controversy attached to him. But this time around, the Washington Redskins said otherwise, claiming that Kaep wouldn't fit into their scheme on short notice.

That was a lie and we have the evidence to prove it.

The article above essentially destroys head coach Jay Gruden's reasoning for not signing Kaepernick after starters ​Alex Smith and Colt McCoy went down with season-ending injuries. Gruden runs the same offense as his brother Jon, who compared his own scheme to that of John Harbaugh's way back in the day. Simple algebra tells us that Jay Gruden's scheme would be very similar to Harbaugh's, in that case, meaning that Kaepernick (who played under Harbaugh) would indeed be familiar with the Washington offense.

Couldn't they have just said something inane like, "We don't want him because of the controversy he brings"? I mean, it's much simpler and at least makes them somewhat honest, despite their questionable methods. It's better than outright lies!

Alas, the truth is a decaying value in today's society. The Redskins will be no different. And the rest of the league likely won't be any different in regards to signing Kaepernick.

Good luck with Mark Sanchez, boys.