​Gus Malzahn, an offensive mind, prides himself and his Auburn teams on having one of the most unstoppable ground games in the ​SEC. When they struggled to get into a rhythm, quarterback Jarrett Stidham and the Tigers struggled. 

In an attempt to jump start the offense, Malzahn has attempted to bring disgraced former Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze on board. 

What follows is a story that sounds too underhanded to be real. Apparently Malzahn's performance is infuriating top boosters at the university to the point where they are limiting Malzahn to only sign assistants to one-year deals. Essentially, they're preventing him from signing good assistants to facilitate his firing.

This would be a major roadblock for acquiring Freeze, who wants a stable multi-year deal that Malzahn is apparently not being allowed to hand out.​​

​​​Freeze left Ole Miss in disgrace after having helped secure top recruits with cars and electric bill payments. He then called an escort service from a university phone and gave the classic "misdial" excuse. That being said, Freeze knows his way around a quarterback and an offense.

He could be the perfect hire for Auburn, especially because it would keep him away from ​Tennessee and ​Florida State. It appears, however, that the boosters are tying Malzahn's hands on this matter.