​When will Kelvin Benjamin catch a break?

Well, it doesn't look like it will be happening soon. After the ​Bills decided to cut him on Tuesday, the 6-5, 245-pounder got roasted all over social media. First, the Twitter trolls went after him, then he was ​savaged on Wikipedia

Now, Wendy's is coming after him? Oh, you better believe it. 

Oh my goodness. As you can see in the screenshot, a fan called for Wendy's to sign Benjamin now that he's no longer with Buffalo.  Their response?


That's just cold. Benjamin has been destroyed countless times for gaining weight, which led to fans calling for Wendy's to sign him. However, their burgers and fries aren't looking for No. 13's company. Not at all. For any team in need of receivers, who are trying to make a postseason push, could they end up calling Benjamin's agent?

If they do, they'll surely have questions regarding his attitude. It goes without saying, but the big-bodied receiver seems like he just doesn't care about improving or practicing at times. That's the sense many in the media have, too. 

Benjamin will now hit waivers in hopes that someone will claim him. Should he go unclaimed, he'll be a free agent and be ready to sign with a new team. Now that Wendy's has made it clear they won't be adding him to their team, maybe someone else will.