Punting in the ​NFL is as irrelevant as looking for a needle in a haystack -- everyone and their mother knows the likely result is going to be a block in the back or a holding penalty. 

The slim-to-none chance that you will find the needle is the same likelihood of ​a punt being returned for a touchdown. 

Not to mention the skyrocket-high injury probabilities. 

Well, the NFL has (finally) realized punting's uselessness and reports say that the league is looking to change the play as early as 2019. 

​​An enticing feature to this story is that the NFL will crowdsource ideas from the analytics community. Next to kickoffs, Kevin Seifert states that punts cause twice as many concussions than any other play. 

Confirming our earlier point, the piece by ESPN also notes that punts are the most penalized play in all of ​football on a yearly basis. 

According to Seifert, the league will consider data from every punt play during the 2016 and 2017 seasons. We don't admit this often, but the NFL is certainly onto something. 

The league is actually considering the safety of players and the dissatisfaction of fans...all at the same time. We love to see it.