​The Washington Nationals came out of the free agent shadows and shocked the ​baseball world when news broke earlier today that they ​signed highly-praised free agent Patrick Corbin

It was presumed that the Yankees and Phillies were gonna battle it out for the 29-year-old lefty. Instead, the Nats absolutely blew away the previously-reported offers.

We'll cut some slack to Philadelphia, but ​the Yankees should be EMBARRASSED that they let Washington outbid them for Corbin. 

​​Brian Cashman was in the perfect position to have his Yankees firmly established as the definitive World Series favorites in 2019. 

We don't want to hear reports that the Yankees weren't willing to be as aggressive as the Phillies and Nationals...two teams that didn't even make the playoffs in 2018!

Answer this, Yankees fans: just how confident are you in the injury-prone James Paxton? Did Cashman feel as though trading for the Big Maple bought them some leeway? 

Though we were shocked ​Corbin didn't want to take a discount to play for a team clearly more ready to win now, the Yankees should've never let it come to that. Especially not after we saw the Yanks' final offer leak. Some players might want to take hometown discounts, but nobody should ever want to sacrifice $40 million just to make a childhood dream come true.

Whatever happened to the ​Evil Empire?

We don't say this often, but Brian Cashman (and the ownership group that lords above him) might have screwed up big time with Corbin.