It has been reported that free agent starting pitcher Patrick Corbin will sign a six-year deal worth at least $125 million on the open market.

The New York Yankees are said to be one of the​ finalists for Corbin​, but it seems like they did not offer the left-handed pitcher the most money, nor do they intend to, if you believe Tuesday's chatter. 

MLB insider Andy Martino reported that Corbin might have to take less money to become a Yankee.

​​If Martino's report is true, then how the times have changed. Hal Steinbrenner is a much different owner than his father George was. The team, in recent years, has emphasized getting under the luxury tax rather than throwing big money at free agents.

Brian Cashman and the Yankees do have ​backup plans if they are unable to land Corbin, but this seemed almost unfathomable throughout the past year when Corbin, a New York boy, repeatedly professed his love for the franchis.

The Bronx Bombers are going to have to be ready to go to that plan B if Corbin doesn't want to take less money on the open market.