​Cleveland Indians pitcher Corey Kluber has already drawn the attention of multiple teams interested in trading for him this offseason. 

Now, a surprising candidate in the Cincinnati Reds has emerged as a possible trade partner for the Indians to work with.

​​While the Indians reportedly prefer to trade pitcher ​Trevor Bauer, if the Reds are willing to offer enough top prospects it may be hard for Cleveland to resist sending Kluber away. However, if a deal does get done between them, it would likely come later in the offseason, as the Indians want to wait for some of the better free agent pitchers to get signed before pulling the trigger on a trade involving any of their arms.

​​It's pretty wild to see that one of the most aggressive pursuers of Kluber is the Reds, who have been tanking in recent years. While they certainly have a need for starting pitching, the Reds basically need an entire rotation and almost an entire bullpen. 

It may not be wise for them to give away a bunch of great prospects for one player who may not be enough to prevent them from having another losing season.