​Things are getting downright active ahead of the Winter Meetings, as the Bryce Harper chase heats up in earnest.

But a late-night bombshell on Monday taught us a few very important things about the teams involved from a very official source.

Sure, the ​Phillies are in, and the Dodgers are using Magic Johnson as a recruiting tactic, per Jeff Passan (who wouldn't?). But let this be the first publicly documented time that an actual MLB insider has attached the Chicago White Sox and...the ​New York Yankees to Harper.

​​In the past, the Yankee news we've heard from reputable sources has mostly boiled down to, "Yeah...no." Rumor mongers have always insisted that New York's interest is more than has been reported, and we'd heard whispers of "internal discussions" regarding Harper's willingness to play first. To be frank, though, this is the first time someone's dropped the Yanks as an actual party involved in the thick of the pursuit. We always suspected as much.

The White Sox aren't kidding around, either. Their world-class farm system is now just a short year or so away from delivering fruit at the big league level; why not add Bryce Harper slightly prematurely and speed the whole thing up, bringing Eloy Jimenez and Blake Rutherford along with him? 

Those rascally Sox care so much about nabbing Harp that they flew Jim Thome out on Magic Johnson's heels to speak with the man himself.