Yet more abhorrent behavior from NFL fans. 

During the final seconds of Sunday night's clash between the Los Angeles Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers, a large male Steelers fan was caught wrapping his hands around the neck of a female Chargers fan in a photo captured by photographer Shelley Lipton (@shelleylipton on Twitter) for the Pittsburgh Current:

The incident began when a couple of Chargers fans stood up to watch their team kick a game winning field goal to cap off a massive comeback that saw Los Angeles ​erase a 23-7 third-quarter deficit

The fans apparently obstructed the view of a disgruntled Steelers fan who told them to sit down, to which the Los Angles faithful responsed that it was their turn to cheer. In a fit of rage, the Pittsburgh lunatic lunged at the male Chargers fan causing the female Chargers fan to try and break up the conflict. 

The Steelers fan was so intent on getting after the other Chargers fan (who was almost knocked over a railing) that he placed his hands on the throat of the woman who was just trying to keep the peace.

This isn't the first report of a violent incident at Sunday's game at Heinz Field, as a video showed a ​Pittsburgh fan brutally headbutting a man who shared his sporting alligence.

While it is all well and good to get emotional when watching you're team, it is NEVER okay to lay your hands on another person in the way that the Steelers fan in the photos did. Some folks tend to forget that sports are just games and that your team losing is no reason to fly off the handle.

People need to calm down and cool it with this awful behavior at games. 

NFL fans, you're better than this.