​The top free agent starter could be making his decision in the coming days.

According to MLB insider Jon Heyman, left-handed free agent starter Patrick Corbin is expected to make his decision on where he's signing very soon. The teams in the lead remain his typical pursuers.

Heyman notes that the ​New York Yankees​Philadelphia Phillies and ​Washington Nationals are considered to the favorites to land Corbin. However, there are still some other clubs that are trying to find a way to fit him onto their rosters.

​​With Corbin being from New York and growing up a Yankees fans, it's hard to imagine him signing with another team if the crew from the Bronx is interested. The Phillies definitely have the money to swing a Corbin deal, and the Nationals are always lying in the weeds. Of course, these are the three sites of Corbin's meetings last week.

Corbin is drawing plenty of attention from teams in need of starting pitching, and the fact that he's reportedly going to sign very soon makes you believe that he knows exactly where he wants to land.

Who knows what "very soon" means, but there could be some more fireworks before the Winter Meetings start up next week.